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69% of Hefei Competition Selection Projects Won the Excellence Award in the National Industry Finals of the 5th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition



From November 24 to November 28, the 5th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition’s Biomedical Industry Final was held in Xiamen. The final is the final battle of six national industry finals this year.

Jiang He, Deputy Director of the Hefei Science & Technology Bureau, Qingsheng Liu, Deputy Investigator, Ma Weidong, Director of the High-tech Department, Xueying Li, Chairman of the Hefei Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Innovation Strategy Alliance, Zheng Gao, Manager of Innovation Development Department of Anhui TUSCITY and Deputy General Manager of TusStar (Hefei), Yiyu Wei, Chairman of Hefei National University Science Park, and Jun Yang, Head of Anhui Times Culture and Technology Pioneer Park, went to Xiamen for providing guidance and service for participating companies, and accumulated experience in the preparation and hosting of the competition.

On the eve of the competition, Jiang He and Qingsheng Liu had a cordial exchange with the relevant personnel of the finalists, and guided the participating companies to go all out and fully prepare for the defense. During the competition, Director Jiang He and his fellows listened at the competition site to keep abreast of the progress and do a good job of serving the finalists.

After drawing lots, coaching and road show watching, a full day of semi-final judges was held on November 27. The three companies selected by the Hefei Division included BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd., Hefei PreceDo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and Hefei LEAPSCI Technology Co., Ltd. These three companies made the cut from more than 200 shortlisted projects in the biopharmaceutical industry, and won the second, third and fourth place in their respective groups, all of which won the National Outstanding Enterprise Awards with excellent results.

Group Photo of Leaders of Hefei Science & Technology Bureau and 3 Award-winning Companies

It was reported that there were 34,341 participating companies and teams in this competition. Among them, there were 22,277 participating companies and 12,064 participating teams, demonstrating the fierce competition. Director Jiang He expressed his sincere congratulations to the award-winning companies, extended condolences to their hard work for 5 months from July, and thanked the enterprises for the honor they brought to Hefei’s innovation and entrepreneurship!

With the end of the biomedical industry finals, the 5th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition also announced a successful conclusion! Previously, four companies from other industry groups in Hefei Division (Hefei Hyper Blue Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Zhongke Meiluo Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei CAS Zhixiang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Sino-Science Automatic Control System Co., Ltd.) and two teams (Jianjun Dai Skills Master Studio and Turbine Machinery CAE Design Team) won the Outstanding Enterprise Award and the Outstanding Team Award respectively.

As a result, at the 5th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Hefei Division), hosted by Hefei Science & Technology Bureau, sponsored by Anhui TusCity Investment Development Co., Ltd., and co-organized by TusStar (Hefei), a total of 10 companies and 3 teams were shortlisted for the National Industry Finals. Among them, 7 companies and 2 teams won the Outstanding Enterprise Award. As high as 69% of the award rate showed the outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects in Hefei, representing Hefei’s industrial research level and innovation ability.